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Get the most used words with special characters

I want to get the most used word from an array. The only problem is that the Swedish characters (Å, Ä, and Ö) will only show as �.$string = 'This is just a test post with the Swedish characters Å, Ä, and Ö. Also as lower cased characters: å, ä, and ö.';echo '<pre>';print_r(array_count_values(str_word_count($string, 1, 'àáãâçêéíîóõôúÀÁÃÂÇÊÉÍÎÓÕÔÚ')));echo '</pre>';That code will output the following:Array( [This] => 1 [is] => 1 [just] => 1 [a] => 1 [test] => 1 [post] => 1 [with] => 1 [the] => 1 [Swedish] => 1 ...

count occurrences of a word within a date range like month or quarter

I have a sheet with data organized by date for an entire year. Column "a" would be the dates in chronological order and column "b" would have a name in each cell. Many of the names are repeated throughout the year. What formula would I use to count how many times a particular name was listed in column b within a particular month, quarter or date range of my choice?I would like to create a new sheet to show this data once I have the proper formula/s.I am using excel 2016 OK, let's specify your inputs like this:E1: nameE2: start dateE3: end dateThen to do the calculation:=...

how can I, character and words count from string to make a line break insert in android

how can I, character and words count from string to make a line break insert in androidI have a text output of words with max 150 letters and want the all 50 letters carried a line break without separating the can I implement it?here is a code snippet ....ll = (TableLayout) rootview.findViewById(;TableRow row = new TableRow(getActivity());consoleLocalStore.storeConsoleData(consolex);LayoutInflater inflater = getLayoutInflater(getArguments());View theInflatedView = inflater.inflate(R.layout.activity_consolex, null);TextView attid = (TextVie...

Reading Weighing Scale Tru rs232

i been using this code from How to display weight from weighing scale into a textbox via serial port RS-232 or usb converter?but unfortunately i keep receiving this data Listening on COM6... 03301B+00003301B+000033+00003301B+00003301B+001B+00003301B+00003301B03301B+00003301B+000033+00003301B+00003301B+001B+00003301B+00003301B03301B+00003301B+000033+00003301B+00003301B+001B+00003301B+00003301B03301B+00003301B+000033+00003301B+00003301B+001B+00003301B+00003301B03301B+00003301B03301B+00003301B+000033+00003301B+00003301B+001B+00003301B+00003301B03301B+00003301B+000033+0000330...

Combine wp_trim_words and wp_strip_all_tags

Can't find the solution of combining wp_trim_words and wp_strip_all_tags inside loop.This is what I have now:<?php if ( $the_query->have_posts() ) : while ( $the_query->have_posts() ) : $the_query->the_post(); ?> <div class="news-el"> <a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>"> <div class="news-content"> <h3><?php echo get_the_title(); ?></h3> <?php echo wp_strip_all_tags( get_the_content() );?> </div> ...

Pandas assign the groupby sum value to the last row in the original table

For example, I have a table Aid price sum1 2 01 6 01 4 02 2 02 10 02 1 02 5 03 1 03 5 0What I want is like (the last row of sum should be the sum of price of a group)id price sum1 2 01 6 01 4 122 2 02 10 02 1 02 5 183 1 03 5 6What I can do is find out the sum usingA['price'].groupby(A['id']).transform('sum')However I don't know how to assign this to the sum column (last row).Thanks Use last_valid_index to locate rows to fillg = df.groupby('id')l ...

How do I convert Base58-encoded data to a Vec<u8> and then into a String?

I am trying to convert a Vec to a String for display. I have tried to use from_uf8 and from_iter with no luck.use rust_base58::{ToBase58, FromBase58};let address = String::from("1BgGZ9tcN4rm9KBzDn7KprQz87SZ26SAMH");let _hash160 = address.from_base58();let mut s = String::from_utf8(_hash160).unwrap();//let s = String::from_iter(_hash160);s.remove(0);s.pop();s.pop();s.pop();s.pop();println!("{}", s); .from_base58()returns Result<Vec<u8>, FromBase58Error>because the conversion can fail if the data isn't valid Base 58.Assuming you want to ignore the error like yo...

How to swap using different data types

Ok so lets suppose I have an array of 4 ints == int[] input = new int[]{1,2,3,4};//now I some how converted these numbers into words and gets an array:-String Str = new String[]{one,two,three,four};//then I run a sort method on Str.Arrays.sort(Str);//and I got this array in the end ::: {four,one,three,two}Now i want to reconvert it into numbers(int) so that my final result should look like this:- {4,1,3,2}In Summery :-I want to sort the input int arrays through its English(words)representation Examples :-[input] [convert to words] [sorting] [Resul...

Regex with exception of particular words

I have problem with regex.I need to make regex with an exception of a set of specified words, for example: apple, orange, juice.and given these words, it will match everything except those words above. apple (should not match)applejuice (match)yummyjuice (match)yummy-apple-juice (match)orangeapplejuice (match)orange (should not match)juice (should not match)orange-apple-juice (match)apple-orange-aple (match)juice-juice-juice (match)orange-juice (match) If you really want to do this with a single regular expression, you might find lookaround helpful (especially negative l...

Delete first word from string on C

I have a function that receive two char array (resource and result) and change them. the result will be only the first word and resource for everything that it was before, except the first word. The first word is written to the result, but in the resource removes some spaces...void selectFirstWord(char *src, char* res) {int i = 1;while(*src != ' ' && *src != 0) { *(res++) = *(src++); //посимвольное копирование из src в res i++;}while(*src != 0) { *(src++) = *(src+i);}*res = 0;} You can keep a copy of the original srcvoid selectFirstWord(char *src, char* re...

how to compare n multiple sentences which are in array and get the common words using php using array_intersect and store the common words in an array

Hi friends am trying to compare n sentences in an array and get the common words which are present in more than one sentence.Here is sample $cars=("hello how","hello when","when you came",........,n sentences);array_intersect is used to compare 2 or 3 arrays which have exactly common words in all the three can anyone help me with these $cars = array_filter( array_count_values( array_merge( ...array_map( function($x) { return array_unique(explode(' ', $x));}, $car...

How can I fill out a Python string with spaces?

I want to fill out a string with spaces. I know that the following works for zero's:>>> print "'%06d'"%4'000004'But what should I do when I want this?:'hi 'of course I can measure string length and do str+" "*leftover, but I'd like the shortest way. You can do this with str.ljust(width[, fillchar]): Return the string left justified in a string of length width. Padding is done using the specified fillchar (default is a space). The original string is returned if width is less than len(s).>>> 'hi'.ljust(10)'hi ' [XXX]Unless you need to suppo...

how to group records in days based on timestamp value from current date in oracle

I Have a table with a column as timestamp with timezone as shown below.desc log_records:id number not null,event_id number not null,event_desc varchar2(2000),log_date timestamp with time zoneHow do i suppose to group the records like older than 300 days 12 rowsolder than 250 days 12831 rowsolder than 200 days 438121 rows based on the current date in oracle Kaushik, thank you for sample data. (BTW, I think your solution is wrong, I'll leave a comment).I think that this is what you're looking for:SQL> select 2 sum(case when sysdate - trunc(log_date) > 300 then 1...

How do i add data in dataframe under the columns and across the rows?

I have a few dataframes that are loaded previously from CSV filesb = portfolionew_df.loc [1,['x_1','x_2','x_3','x_4','x_5']]x = [stockprice_df.loc[ :, b]]print(x)This is the result for x: NYSEARCA:RYE NYSEARCA:XOP NYSEARCA:PXE NYSEARCA:VAW NYSEARCA:PYZ 0 68.37 52.00 25.37 87.94 35.00 1 60.70 48.04 22.64 83.78 32.61 2 67.04 54.48 24.70 86.61 34.44 3 65.86 53.75 24.16 84.94 34.21c = pd.DataFrame(index=(t...

python3 wx.TreeCtrl - how to iterate through several levels

I have a treectrl structure which is populated from an external search of an open data set hosted by our municipal government. The data pertains to business licenses and is requested using Pandas and Sodapy. The tree is populated as follows:for index, row in results_df.iterrows(): tradename = row['tradename'] address = row['address'] licTypes = row['licencetypes'] comm = row['comdistnm'] jobSts = row['jobstatusdesc'] jobCrt = row['jobcreated'] lng = row['longitude'] lng = str(lng) lat = row['latitude'] la...

Select only 'NN' and 'VB' words from NTLK pos_tag

I need to print only 'NN' and 'VB' words from an entered sentence.import nltkimport reimport timevar = raw_input("Please enter something: ")exampleArray = [var]def processLanguage(): try: for item in exampleArray: tokenized = nltk.word_tokenize(item) tagged = nltk.pos

c++ library convert text file to vector< vector <uintN_t> >

I'm learning something about machine learning, and trying to work with data in a CSV file, so...Is there a library that convert a text file to a vector < vector >?the format is something like:1, 2, 3, ..., n1, 2, 3, ..., n...1, 2, 3, ..., nit is an MxN matrix.I think the function must have this

How to load more than one trained face recognizer in one face recognizer open CV?

I am trying to train face recognizer but I don't want to train every time a new user data is entered in face database so I want to train new user data and then concatenate with previous trained recognizer. I have two trained recognizer I want to concatenate these two.Any help in this regard would be

How do I properly combine numerical features with text (bag of words) in Spark?

My question is similar to this one but for Spark and the original question does not have a satisfactory answer.I am using a Spark 2.2 LinearSVC model with tweet data as input: a tweet's text (that has been pre-processed) as hash-tfidf and also its month as follows:val hashingTF = new HashingTF().set

Sentiment Analysis on LARGE collection of online conversation text

The title says it all; I have an SQL database bursting at the seams with online conversation text. I've already done most of this project in Python, so I would like to do this using Python's NLTK library (unless there's a strong reason not to).The data is organized by Thread, Username, and Post. Eac

How to prevent auto optimization from for loop to memset() in Visual Studio?

I'm developing a program without using CRT , so, some third party using very naive implementation of memset() likes:char x[10];for(int i= 0; i< 10; i++) { x[i] = '\0';}It's alot of this type of code in that 3rd party library, and, I do not like messing around with it, so, how could I prevent Vis

Why my code prints others characters? cipher

I want print only letters but it's prints special characters of ASCII. My code:import stringdef caesar(shift): alphabet = string.ascii_lowercase + string.ascii_uppercase dict={} emptylist=[] int(shift) for x in alphabet: emptylist.append(x) code = "" for letters i

Bonferroni correction of p-values from hypergeometric analysis

I have performed a hypergeometric analysis (using a python script) to investigate enrichment of GO-terms in a subset of genes. An example of my output is as follows:GO00001 1500 300 200 150 5.39198144708e-77GO00002 1500 500 400 350 1.18917839281e-160GO00003 1500 400 350 320 9.48402847878e-2

Python Arabic NLP

I'm in the process of assessing the capabilities of the NLTK in processing Arabic text in a research to analyze and extract sentiments.Question is as follows:Is the NTLK capable of handling and allows the analysis of Arabic text?Is python capable of manipulating\tokenizing Arabic text?Will I be able

Negating sentences using POS-tagging

I'm trying to find a way to negate sentences based on POS-tagging. Please consider:include_once 'class.postagger.php';function negate($sentence) { $tagger = new PosTagger('includes/lexicon.txt'); $tags = $tagger->tag($sentence); foreach ($tags as $t) { $input[] = trim($t['token']) . "/" .

gensim: Retrieving word frequency in doc2vec vocabulary

I just came across this StackOverflow post on word counts in a doc2vec model vocabulary. I wonder if there is another method to retrieve the word frequency, other than for word, vocab_obj in model.wv.vocab.items(): print(str(word) + str(vocab_obj.count))Maybe there is a more elegant way via the g

removing stop words after tokenizing string in java

I want to remove stop word after tokenizing string. I have external file .txt and read it then compare it to the tokenized string. if the tokenized word is equal with the stop word, then remove is the code for tokenizingtry{ while ((msg =readBufferData.readLine()) != null) {

Get font properties of pdf text with pdfbox

I am working on PDFBox to extract contents of a pdf file. I am able to extract text but i also need to get the font properties of the text. So can anyone help me in extracting font properties?and I am also having problem in extracting certain characters properly. PDFBox gives '?' when it is unable t

BeautifulSoup4 documentation example doesn't work

I am newbie in BeautifulSoup4 and learning it very intensively. The problem is with the next piece of code(I found it in documentation on the page, article about function definition): def has_class_but_no_id(tag): return tag.has_attr('class

Issue with Combining LSTM and CNN? (Python, Keras)

I want to predict 8-characters license plates, so I wrote the below model in Keras:x = Input(shape=(HEIGHT, WIDTH, CHANNELS))base_model = InceptionV3(include_top=False, weights='imagenet', input_shape=(HEIGHT, WIDTH, CHANNELS))base_model.trainable = Falsey = base_model(x)y = Reshape((8, 9 * 256))(y)