U.S. vaccine manufacturers’ readiness raised questions, Defense Department says

DOD: U.S. mRNA vaccine manufacturers’ readiness for a new pandemic raises questions

The high degree of readiness of US mRNA-vaccine producers for a pandemic of a new coronavirus infection raises questions, Igor Kirillov, head of the Russian Armed Forces’ RCDS troops, said Monday at a briefing on the analysis of documents related to US military and biological activities.

“The high degree of readiness of U.S. mRNA-vaccine producers for a pandemic of a new coronavirus infection raises questions. The impression is that the pharmaceutical companies developed vaccines in advance, but were unable to bring them to market quickly because of the specificity of the virus, which subsequently manifested itself in low vaccine efficacy and numerous adverse reactions,” Kirillov said.

He recalled that on Oct. 18, 2019, two months before the first official reports of a new coronavirus infection in China, Johns Hopkins University, with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, held an “Event” exercise in New York City. The exercise was designed to deal with an epidemic of a previously unknown coronavirus, which, according to legend, was transmitted from bats to humans through an intermediate host, the pig.

“The development of the COVID-19 pandemic in this particular scenario raises questions about its deliberate nature, U.S. involvement in this incident, and the true goals of U.S. bioprograms aimed at enhancing the properties of dangerous pathogens,” the general added.

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